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Email us your site links to

Upload your MP3s, descriptive documents and YOUR CONTACT INFO (PDF or any text file):


Or send your USB drive/disc to:

Box 90751
137 Roncesvailles Ave
Toronto, Ontario
M6R 3L0

You can contact us or send an a site link, MP3 or disc(s) of your work with descriptions and proper credits to the upload link or address below. Although you can submit your compositions as mp3 files for consideration, we require stereo 44.1 WAV or AIFF files for the master files. We review each submission 3 times for suitability prior to executing proper paperwork. PLEASE send along your contact information.

Full Compositions Only

Martinworks Publishing is only interested in full and complete original compositions or reinterpretations of public domain works.  The submission should have an opening, a middle and a closing. It can be a full production or a simple combination of instruments depicting a mood. We are a publishing company representing complete compositions. Martinworks Publishing does not carry special effects, loops , beats, stings or bumpers.

Finally, we are a Canadian-talent company.  Our company’s mission is to solely represent Canadian composers/compositions. Therefore, we are only accepting Canadian submissions. Songs with international composers are admissible provided at least one composer is Canadian. If you’re unsure if you qualify, don’t be shy to contact us at:

No Hidden Fees

There is a “one-time only” $10 uploading charge per song which Martinworks Publishing recoups from sales alone. Martinworks Publishing NEVER asks for money up front to work with your music.

No Admin fees

There is no standard 10% administration fee for every sale either. Martinworks Publishing looks after its own office and advertising costs.

No Annual Membership

Martinworks Publishing does not rely on membership fees to operate, so we aren’t asking for any.

We only ask for 50% of the Publishing (that’s 25% of the pie.)

Most publishing companies want 100% of the Publishing PLUS administrative fees. At Martinworks Publishing, the writers retain a larger piece of the whole pie (75/25). For every dollar Martinworks Publishing earns, the writer earns three dollars. To properly manage your submissions, we require registering your recorded works with Martinworks as publisher through SOCAN. This way the royalties are divided properly and proportionately through SOCAN’s payment system. If the composition is not already registered we can assist you in filing the necessary paperwork.

Links to Writers

Martinworks Publishing and the website’s primary focus is to promote the music and not the artist. Should the client be interested in contacting you as a composer for hire, we will gladly connect them to you directly by providing your personal web link on the Martinworks website.advertising costs.

Contact us to receive a copy of the Artist Publishing Agreement

This is the right to make a new master copy of the recorded works. You would need to contact us directly and there is no need to buy the song from our master recorded copy of the work.

When there is an existing publisher to your song a separate “Sub-Publishing” Agreement is necessary. This would be the original publisher allowing Martinworks Publishing to license the music as well as the original Publisher of the works.

If you wish to retain your publishing rights completely, you will have to sub-license your composition(s) to Martinworks Publishing in order to legally allow Martinworks Publishing to represent your work(s). In this case, we ask for 50% of the gross income in lieu of having any further income from the song from broadcast activity, other than the initial license fee. The ‘back end’ royalty money from SOCAN is therefore 100% due to the writers and previous publisher’s income and NOT Martinworks.

Contact us to receive a copy of the Sub-Licensing agreement.
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