Turn your Winter into

winter wonderland

Apple PieLazy acoustic guitars serving up gentle and delicate sensations.
Festival for StringsVery up-tempo pizzicato strings bouncing over a large orchestra.  Happy and bouncy.
Try LoveTorchlight Jazz for those special intimate moments.
Still BelieveAn old-time country ballad with old stereo mix. Perfect for a slow dance at any age.
Thoughtful EpiphaniesA tender mid-tempo beat with slow and gentle guitar and synth.
UntouchedA wide expansive sound design with slowly changing moods.
Pass It OnNew Year's greeting in a relaxed flavoured country song.
The Land of the FreeSlow acoustic piano ode with melodic verse and chorus. Very sentimental and comforting.
A Bird’s Eye ViewA naturally organic orchestrated track with a soothing piano motif.
Miles AwayRich waltz ballad with hum-memorability. Strong rootsy rhythm section rising and falling with the pulse. Melancholic wish to be closer.
It Will HappenHopeful positive piano melody setting a steady pattern to ride on with your thoughts.
Keep This WorldThoughtful lyrics of encouragement and diversity over a percussive Americana style rhythm section.
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