Irish MeadowA traditional piano waltz.
African SnakeFlute and percussion mix it up to bring forth mystery and discovery.
PB & PanBrass and flute set the mood for this cheery tune.
Sexy SurveillanceA Hip Hop tune with a slow walking bass line and string groove.
When We Were ChildrenA happy reflective folk ballad score.
Love the EarthPulsing airy hypnotic acoustic and flute melody.
Since I FellLeave it to a piano, strings and an acoustic guitar to remind us of life’s little moments.
Night DriveFeel the winds with the windows down. Jazzy Ska with electric piano and slide acoustic guitar.
SonarUptempo Progressive Hard Rock with alternating hard and soft sections.
Last of the Red Hot RomanticsThe synth and acoustic guitar lay the foundation to this mid-tempo uplifting song of a love story (long lasting love.)
Live in the NowCalypso rhythm and floating jazz chords support a lovely vocal track about spiritual awareness.
Bird's Eye ViewA very nature/organic/springtime orchestrated track with a repetitive piano motif.
GreenA good-times bass line sets up this acoustic guitar melody. Blissful little moments of life indoors or out.
Ode to the OutlandsA feel-good musical journey to the countryside.
The DreamOrchestra setting from the start with a slow flute melody. A floating piece with almost no tempo and a light fade.
Folksy ConsortA light ensemble of acoustic instruments performing a concert with roots of Appalachian folk.
The Rights of SpringWake up now and live again. A mid-tempo Indie that includes an acoustic guitar, personal lyrics and melodic singing.
Mother's Garden #2A slow piece for those cherished or pensive (or both) moments in life.
Got Chi?Ambient Eastern score with a rhythm section at a slower tempo.
Led PencilA quick 70s Bluesy-Rock bit.
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