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  • A happy and fun morning/wake up. Piano melody with upright bass and percussion.

  • Jazz guitar with small traditional combo band. Nice light melody setting a pleasant mood. If Django Reinhardt were to play a gig in Beverly Hills, this would be one of the tunes. A bouncy, high-society piece reminiscent of the lush lifestyle of the rich and famous. A perfect background track for any high-end fashion, food, location or night-life. Here's to the good life.

    Django On Rodeo Drive
  • A hybrid Ragtime feel from the 1920's through the 1940's played on a single acoustic guitar. Lighthearted and bouncy composition for a feel good mood.

    Leisurely Stroll
  • Mid-tempo tune indicative of its title.

    Slow 20's Blues
  • Asian modality and rhythm offer many fun ingredients, like spicy soup. Bouncy energetic, Boy meets Girl, East meets West in an Asian or ethnic atmosphere. Sweet yet sour - spicy yet mild. Oriental sounds and colors. Great commercial underscore for Asian cooking show, sitcom, romcom, travel. Chinese, Chinese New Age

    Hot & Sour Soup
  • Traditional full Jazz orchestra laying it down at high speed.

    Pete's Donuts
  • Torchlight Jazz for those special intimate moments. Instrumental version: Try Love #2.

    Try Love
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