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  • Hypnotic airy sound design with effect-laced vocals floating by.

    Voices in the Night
  • An effect-led acoustic guitar and single dreamy vocal. Illustrative lyrics depicting a sentimental mood.

  • Wake up now and live again. A mid-tempo Indie that includes an acoustic guitar, personal lyrics and melodic singing.

    The Rights of Spring
  • Slow acoustic piano ode with melodic verse and chorus. Very sentimental and comforting.

    The Land of the Free
  • Short funny children's Polka with light-hearted steam organ and harmonica.

    The Father Builds...
  • Starting and ending with wind effects and a keyboard motif. Dreamy sad vocals over an acoustic piano.

    The Dead of Winter
  • Starts with rain storm sound effect then turns into a Bo Diddly-type Rock beat.

  • A trippy beatbox groove with sad but dreamy ambient vocals, Rhodes piano and sparse effects.

    Soldja From Alabama
  • An easy ballad with an acoustic piano, accompanying band with a string synth pad.

    Snapshots of a Head Trip
  • A short, slow ambient piece with filtered vocals and synth singing ‘ooh’.

    Silent Singing Soul
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