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  • Having desperate sex. Fast aggressive dance floor material. Rock with funny lyrics and a strong chorus. Listener discretion is advised. Instrumental version: Please Have Sex With Me #2.

    Please Have Sex With Me
  • Bluesy Swing beat with tongue in cheek lyrics about being a naughty angel.

    Part Time Angel
  • A remixed version of the original: Get Out of my House. A song about a volatile, on-again, off-again relationship. Dance groove with good solid chanting chorus and melody. Urgently aggressive. Remix played with half time beat. 

    Get Out of my House (Mike Glasier Remix)
  • Old-time Country with LP noise effect throughout. Vintage.

  • A classic Country ballad about a tearful lost love.

    On The Run
  • Melodic radio friendly Pop.

    (I Don't Want To Get) Left Behind
  • A raw Indie piano-driven ballad.

    Song Like You
  • Classic 70s Rock Blues material.

    Get It Right
  • Two lovers escaping to the top of high building and falling in love with the city below. Sensitive slow song starting with a soft round of chords and into a heavier version. Instrumental version: Nothing's Wrong with the World #2.

    Nothing's Wrong with the World
  • An 80s garage rocker about reckoning. Instrumental version: Carry On #2.


    Carry On
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