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  • A raw Indie piano-driven ballad.

    Song Like You
  • Political correctness gone to the extreme. Digital loops and bass riff into a hard thumping beat. Clavinet adds to the syncopated Funk element. Chanting chorus. Instrumental version: Something That I Said #2.

    Something That I Said
  • A trippy beatbox groove with sad but dreamy ambient vocals, Rhodes piano and sparse effects.

    Soldja From Alabama
  • A sad slow piece with Irish overtones. Instrumental version: So Far Away #2.

    So Far Away
  • Take it all in but remember to breathe. Indie Rock with an R&B punch. Instrumental version: So Close So What #2.

    So Close So What
  • An easy ballad with an acoustic piano, accompanying band with a string synth pad.

    Snapshots of a Head Trip
  • A slow tempo-ed Country Rock tune about being worn down. Instrumental version: Slowly Givin' In.

    Slowly Giving In
  • Sister Love
  • A short, slow ambient piece with filtered vocals and synth singing ‘ooh’.

    Silent Singing Soul
  • A mid-tempo classic 80s Rock production about the loss of the girl with a fiery guitar solo. Classic angst.

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