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  • Crazy and funny Hard Rock track with big production and story telling. A harmonica break in the middle. Adult comedic lyrics.

    Another One for Me
  • Crazy and funny Rock song with double time chorus. Big production. Basically, a children's Rock bit.

    Beware of the Monster
  • Lovely piano beginning leading into a rock story about a runaway. Nice chorus and electric guitar solo.

    Runaway Child
  • Hard rock with Bo Diddley groove and double time chorus. Intense all the way through the track except for a comical break in the middle.

    Strawberries and Me
  • Straight up 80s Hard Rock with full band including slide guitar, harmonica, electric guitar solo and back up singers.

    Sweet Sister Jane
  • Sonnet with solo vocals and an acoustic piano.

    Once Yer Gone
  • Psychedelic guitar motif with Eastern and Appalachian overtones. Long spiritual melody over one chord.

    Down the Water
  • A soft piano lullaby at bedtime. Very comforting.

    Angels Overhead
  • Ambient chanting start transforming into a whisper chant motif over a mid tempo beat. Instrumental version: Take Me to the Other Side #2. Shorter instrumental version: Take Me to the Other Side (short).

    Take Me to the Other Side
  • It's now time to chill. Slow trippy vibe with a vocal motif over one chord.

    Ya Ya Ya
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