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  • Funny Country shuffle about all the vices and what to do about it. The 12 steps of the addiction dance.

    Twelve Stepping Out
  • Suspicious
  • Straight up punchy 70s-80s rocker with a little R&B flavour.

    No Luck Today
  • A soft contemporary sentimental ballad.

  • Modern slow dance stuff.

  • A slow and lazy ballad lead by an acoustic piano with a suggestion of rhythm section and sparse effects.

    Dog Days of Summer
  • Hard rock with Bo Diddley groove and double time chorus. Intense all the way through the track except for a comical break in the middle.

    Strawberries and Me
  • A profound look at human family love, hate, conflicted emotion, happiness and disappointment, but mostly love.  The lyrics are a struggle of opposites.

    Born (Father Mother Daughter Son)
  • Rich waltz ballad with hum-memorability. Strong rootsy rhythm section rising and falling with the pulse. Melancholic wish to be closer.

    Miles Away
  • Latin island rhythm feel along a steady strumming acoustic. Light and easy vibe turning to half time in the middle as a nice breather.

    Star Bound
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