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  • A funky comical Dance tune.

    She Reminds Me Of You
  • Heartfelt paranoia through a soft Rock song.

  • An upbeat Reggae tune sure to make you dance around the house. (When you're by yourself of course.)

    Tell Her
  • Easy Samba groove supports a nice melody about celebrating life.

    We'll Be the One
  • Punk surf with chanting refrain. Very strong uptempo melody emulating a spaghetti Western surf dance party. Funny sound effects in bridge. Lots of fun.

    Hey Chiwawa
  • A 70s-80s radio friendly rocker.

    Wonder Where your Friends Are
  • A reflective acoustic piece with Michael Sadler on vocals.

  • Aggressive Indie Power Pop. Instrumental version: Bang #2.

  • I want it now! Tex-Mex ode with Country melody that is nicely demanding chocolate.

    Where is the Chocolate
  • One of my loves always gets me in trouble. Irish Folk Rock with a traditional feel. Instrumental version: Forever Black #2.

    Forever Black
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