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  • A 60s psychedelic-Pop about a special woman. Instrumental version: Code Blue #2.

    Code Blue
  • A 90s-00s Rock boogie crafted for the dance floor. 

    Come On
  • Contemporary slow Rock about the dynamics of attraction. Instrumental version: Come Now Come Round #2.

    Come Round
  • Coming Home To Dublin
  • MOR Waltz-Rock with looping motifs. Reaching out from isolation. Instrumental version: Comusication #2.

  • This song begins with almost 2 minutes of Eastern and jungle atmosphere and overtones before jumping into a Grunge rocker about Mondo. Instrumental version: Cool Cool Mondo #2.

    Cool Cool Mondo
  • A traditional Folk ode to lifelong loves.

    Cool Cool Water
  • A gospel-influenced slow piece emulating slight despair. Single acoustic piano and sparse backing vocals.

    Cool Juice
  • A reflective acoustic piece with Michael Sadler on vocals.

  • Modern power ballad.

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