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  • Smooth 80s Rasta soul groove to satisfy your spirit.

  • Take it all in but remember to breathe. Indie Rock with an R&B punch. Instrumental version: So Close So What #2.

    So Close So What
  • An acoustic piano begins a reflective lyrical ballad and pleasant melody.

    Kiss the Wicked
  • Harmonica and organ driven Rock Funk. Includes a punchy hard R&B half-time bridge that goes back into Rock Funk with harmonica and guitar solos.

    Another Motel
  • 90s fun boogie.

  • A funny, modern Pop tune with female refrain and male rap verses.

  • This 70s-80s Pop Rock serves up a heartfelt ballad. Instrumental version: Everything Is Everything #2.

    Everything Is Everything
  • Old school Blues about fix-all scams. Promising a satisfying peaceful feeling but it sure sounds like dealing a poor man's drug.

    Fast Food for the Soul
  • Alternate mix of: Texan Thugs and Rock N' Roll. A husband gets out of prison, meets his partner at their favourite bar and drives south to Mexico. Pulsing Rock beat with crowd effects at the beginning and a funny middle break.

    Texan Thugs and Rock N' Roll (Mad Flavors Mix)
  • Folk/Country-esque light melody over thoughtful and reflective lyrics. Small rhythm section as support.

    Little Patch of Sun
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