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  • The burnt out friend who has done far too much cocaine and alcohol. Medium tempo Funk Rock groove with breaks, sonic effects and a dead stop. Instrumental version: Bump #2.

  • Punchy strong rootsy beat with singalong lyrics. 90s acoustic guitar rhythm foundation with Rock ensemble. Good dynamics to the frustration of love.

    Can't Find Your Love
  • I've tried and I've tried but you keep me waiting outside. Mid-tempo 80s radio Rock.

    Can't Go On
  • This 50s-60s style ballad sets up very unsettled tone. Instrumental version: You Can't Unring the Bell #2.

    Can't Unring The Bell
  • Contemporary Soft Pop.

    Careful As You Go
  • An 80s garage rocker about reckoning. Instrumental version: Carry On #2.


    Carry On
  • The gamble of love and losing. Moody indie acoustic guitar groove with sonic noise floor morphing into full band. Instrumental version: Casino #2.

  • 80s Rock. Oh mama mama, I'm feeling change coming on. Instrumental version: Change #2.

  • An easy song about missing someone.

  • The view from above. Slow, hypnotic bass and snare-led groove.

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