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  • A funny and sarcastic song about of a dating app gone wrong! Big Rock guitar chords. Tongue in cheek lyrics suit a Rock musical play with over the top grandeur. Instrumental version: Here Comes My Man #2.

    Here Comes My Man
  • A song about a volatile, on-again, off-again relationship. Uptempo Dance groove with good solid chanting chorus. No bones aggressive. Instrumental version: Get Out of My House #2. Remix version: Get Out of My House (Mike Glasier remix). Video edit version: Get Out of My House (video edit).

    Get Out of My House
  • Being a kind, better person. Lifting each other up to build mountains. Light strumming leads right into a heavy synth dance beat. Hypnotic lyrics and refrain. Techno tricks throughout. Instrumental version: We Can be Mountains #2.

    We Can be Mountains
  • Looking back at a relationship and questioning: "Was it worth it?" Synth's opening riff transforms into a punchy Dance beat with heavy overtones in the chorus. Lyrics force you to be introspective. Instrumental version: Sacrifice #2.

  • When you realize that a relationship is actually over. Aggressive and fast-pace emitting a feeling to get up and dance. Very classic New Wave. Instrumental version: When the Lights Go Out #2.

    When the Lights Go Out
  • A fun filled song of celebration. A short old Cabaret style or Vaudeville song. Very tongue in cheek with great anticipation for what's coming next. Instrumental version: Debauchery #2.

  • Old school Blues about fix-all scams. Promising a satisfying peaceful feeling but it sure sounds like dealing a poor man's drug.

    Fast Food for the Soul
  • Funny Country shuffle about all the vices and what to do about it. The 12 steps of the addiction dance.

    Twelve Stepping Out
  • Old school Jazz Blues groove with 40s harmonies celebrating candy in a big way. Very cute and light.

    Don't You Wish Candy
  • Tex-Mex groove and minor chords set the pace for funny reflections on justifying everything.

    Validation Junkie
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