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  • Hypnotic airy sound design with effect-laced vocals floating by.

    Voices in the Night
  • Hear the call! Can you feel it? Pulsing Rock-Reggae anthem. Instrumental version: Vibration #2.

  • Tex-Mex groove and minor chords set the pace for funny reflections on justifying everything.

    Validation Junkie
  • This Indie Rock with Eastern-accents transports you to another world. Instrumental version: Under the Sun #2.

    Under The Sun
  • A serious love song written for a wedding, but not exclusive to that use. Lyrically, the song is warm and sincere.

    Two Hearts
  • Funny Country shuffle about all the vices and what to do about it. The 12 steps of the addiction dance.

    Twelve Stepping Out
  • Torchlight Jazz for those special intimate moments. Instrumental version: Try Love #2.

    Try Love
  • A traditional and reflective soft-rock ballad. Instrumental version: True Are The Times #2.

    True Are The Times
  • An effect-led acoustic guitar and single dreamy vocal. Illustrative lyrics depicting a sentimental mood.

  • Classic 70s-80s Blues Rock anthem dealing with money. Instrumental version: Too Many Zeros #2.

    Too Many Zeros
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