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  • Radio friendly 80s-90s MOR Rock. Instrumental version: Too Late For Love #2.

    Too Late For Love
  • A Country-flavoured Folk tune about telling off a big mouth pea brain. The title says it all...

    Your Mouth (is Bigger Than Your Brain)
  • What happens when an ardent lover sees, hears or touches his/her loved one? This song, on that side of mid-tempo, has the answer. The lyrics are urgent and passionate (but clean).

    It Happens Every Time
  • This driving Irish Folk Hard Rock with a dead stop ending recounts the history of Corktown immigrants. Instrumental version: The Boys of Corktown #2.

    The Boys of Corktown
  • Wake up now and live again. A mid-tempo Indie that includes an acoustic guitar, personal lyrics and melodic singing.

    The Rights of Spring
  • Radio-friendly modern Pop.

    All I Ever Wanted
  • Uptempo Blues shuffle featuring harmonica stylings. Po' Boy lyrics giving an authentic feel. Sing-along chorus.

    Pop Bottle Picking Blues
  • A slow-tempo'd song of sadness for the loss of a loved one. The lyrics are heartfelt and intimate.

    When It Rains
  • Crazy and funny Rock song with double time chorus. Big production. Basically, a children's Rock bit.

    Beware of the Monster
  • Upbeat Blues groove complete with electric slide, harmonica solo and supported by female vocals. Confession of commitment.

    Never Gonna Run
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