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  • Crazy and funny Hard Rock track with big production and story telling. A harmonica break in the middle. Adult comedic lyrics.

    Another One for Me
  • Harmonica and organ driven Rock Funk. Includes a punchy hard R&B half-time bridge that goes back into Rock Funk with harmonica and guitar solos.

    Another Motel
  • A soft piano lullaby at bedtime. Very comforting.

    Angels Overhead
  • Mid-tempo 90s Rock. It's like going home. Instrumental version: Ambition #2.

  • Kinky leather sex, bondage and S&M. Strong pulsing Techno/Rock groove with repeating motifs. Instrumental version: Amazing Grace #2.

    Amazing Grace
  • A simple children's tune that encourages participation.

    All The Bunnies Go Hop
  • Melancholic reflective soul groove.

    All Over Again
  • Radio-friendly modern Pop.

    All I Ever Wanted
  • Alternate mix of the original version: Alive and Electric. About fighting cancer or other life threatening illnesses. Dance aggressive pulsing beat with soft break in the middle.

    Alive and Electric (Rob's Electro Mix)
  • About fighting Cancer or other life-threatening illnesses. Aggressive pulsing Pop Rock with a soft break in the middle. Instrumental version: Alive and Electric #2.

    Alive and Electric
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