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  • Easy Samba groove supports a nice melody about celebrating life.

    We'll Be the One
  • Self Implosion. Uptempo aggressive synth Punk. Instrumental version: Weapon of Self Destruction #2.

    Weapon of Self Destruction
  • This modern Indie Rock poses one of THE BIG questions. Instrumental version: Whatz It All About #2.

    Whatz It All About
  • A slow-tempo'd song of sadness for the loss of a loved one. The lyrics are heartfelt and intimate.

    When It Rains
  • When you realize that a relationship is actually over. Aggressive and fast-pace emitting a feeling to get up and dance. Very classic New Wave. Instrumental version: When the Lights Go Out #2.

    When the Lights Go Out
  • I want it now! Tex-Mex ode with Country melody that is nicely demanding chocolate.

    Where is the Chocolate
  • This MOR 90s Pop song asks for directions. Instrumental version: Where The Hell Is Heaven #2.

    Where The Hell Is Heaven
  • A song about Millenials and drugs plus an homage to The Tubes song: 'White Punks on Dope?'. Syncopated pulsing Dance/Funk tune. Very busy with words and sounds making up an interesting polyrhythm. Instrumental version: White Kids on Funkk #2.

    White Kids on Funkk
  • A song about masturbation. Fast lyric-driven aggressive beat with visions of a speeding vehicle. Very tongue in cheek. Instrumental version: White Knuckle Trip #2.

    White Knuckle Trip
  • Constructed 'live' rock track with strong punchy 70s Rock groove and head-bobbing rhythm. Catchy anthem-like chorus.

    Why Don't You Love Me Like You Used To
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