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  • A tribute to Memphis and Elvis Presley. Pulsing Dance Pop with soft middle break. Instrumental version: The Big South #2.

    The Big South
  • This driving Irish Folk Hard Rock with a dead stop ending recounts the history of Corktown immigrants. Instrumental version: The Boys of Corktown #2.

    The Boys of Corktown
  • The dark and sad feelings of loneliness. Ambient start to a lonely ballad. Medium tempo groove with up close and personal vocals. Great image of loneliness. Instrumental version: The Coldest Night of the Year #2.

    The Coldest Night of the Year
  • Thoughtful lyrics and chords depicting the missing out on life while being busy with daily routines. Simple line-up of vocals, acoustic guitar and background vocal enhancement (except the electric guitar solo.) Instrumental version: The Daily Grind #2.


    The Daily Grind
  • Starting and ending with wind effects and a keyboard motif. Dreamy sad vocals over an acoustic piano.

    The Dead of Winter
  • 80s rocker – post-Punk era.

    The Edge
  • Short funny children's Polka with light-hearted steam organ and harmonica.

    The Father Builds...
  • 80s-90s Indie Powerpop Rock. Instrumental version: The Hat #2.

    The Hat
  • Slow acoustic piano ode with melodic verse and chorus. Very sentimental and comforting.

    The Land of the Free
  • Dancing by yourself at home to some light mid-tempo Folk.

    The Name Of Nothing
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