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  • It's now time to chill. Slow trippy vibe with a vocal motif over one chord.

    Ya Ya Ya
  • Ballad of a reflective nature. A letter to an old friend. Instrumental version: Do You Feel Like You Want To #2.

    Do You Feel (Like You want To)
  • Lovely piano beginning leading into a rock story about a runaway. Nice chorus and electric guitar solo.

    Runaway Child
  • Trip to Vegas and finding God through drugs and alcohol. Very strong medium Rock groove with sonic effects. Instrumental version: 7 Day Saturday Night #2.

    7 Day Saturday Night
  • Background audio waves over slow lo-fi beatbox building into full melodic Hip Hop flavoured tune with refrain.

  • The burnt out friend who has done far too much cocaine and alcohol. Medium tempo Funk Rock groove with breaks, sonic effects and a dead stop. Instrumental version: Bump #2.

  • Slow acoustic piano ode with melodic verse and chorus. Very sentimental and comforting.

    The Land of the Free
  • Midwest uptempo rocker. Instrumental version: I Can't Lie #2.

    I Can't Lie
  • A song about a volatile, on-again, off-again relationship. Uptempo Dance groove with good solid chanting chorus. No bones aggressive. Instrumental version: Get Out of My House #2. Remix version: Get Out of My House (Mike Glasier remix). Video edit version: Get Out of My House (video edit).

    Get Out of My House
  • Lo-fi tongue in cheek groove with digital samples creating a polyrhythm Dance tune. Very silly satirical vocal approach. Instrumental version: Fink Fank Fonk #2.

    Fink Fank Fonk
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