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  • Latin island rhythm feel along a steady strumming acoustic. Light and easy vibe turning to half time in the middle as a nice breather.

    Star Bound
  • Rich waltz ballad with hum-memorability. Strong rootsy rhythm section rising and falling with the pulse. Melancholic wish to be closer.

    Miles Away
  • Constructed 'live' rock track with strong punchy 70s Rock groove and head-bobbing rhythm. Catchy anthem-like chorus.

    Why Don't You Love Me Like You Used To
  • Acoustic-based shuffle with a nice dark feel at the beginning. Whisper singing slowly builds up power using guitar and harmonica stylings.

    One and Only Lover
  • Upbeat Blues groove complete with electric slide, harmonica solo and supported by female vocals. Confession of commitment.

    Never Gonna Run
  • Punchy strong rootsy beat with singalong lyrics. 90s acoustic guitar rhythm foundation with Rock ensemble. Good dynamics to the frustration of love.

    Can't Find Your Love
  • Punk surf with chanting refrain. Very strong uptempo melody emulating a spaghetti Western surf dance party. Funny sound effects in bridge. Lots of fun.

    Hey Chiwawa
  • Thoughtful lyrics and chords depicting the missing out on life while being busy with daily routines. Simple line-up of vocals, acoustic guitar and background vocal enhancement (except the electric guitar solo.) Instrumental version: The Daily Grind #2.


    The Daily Grind
  • Alternate version of the original: Starrs. A song about hope, loss, and love. A relaxed, beat-less, vocal-spotlight version. Melody has more impact with less rhythm section. More time to reflect on lyrics.

    Starrs (Ambient Vocal Mix)
  • Lo-fi tongue in cheek groove with digital samples creating a polyrhythm Dance tune. Very silly satirical vocal approach. Instrumental version: Fink Fank Fonk #2.

    Fink Fank Fonk
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