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  • A song about a volatile, on-again, off-again relationship. Uptempo Dance groove with good solid chanting chorus. No bones aggressive. Instrumental version: Get Out of My House #2. Remix version: Get Out of My House (Mike Glasier remix). Video edit version: Get Out of My House (video edit).

    Get Out of My House
  • Classic 70s Rock Blues material.

    Get It Right
  • A funny and funky Dance tune with female refrain.

    G Spot
  • Some modern R&B soul Pop for your production pleasure. Instrumental version: Funky Summer #2.

    Funky Summer
  • A big 80s rock anthem complete with full band and female backing vocals. Very memorable chorus and refrain and big ending. Instrumental version: Freedom #2 (Junia t remix).

  • R&B flavoured 70s – 80s Rock. Instrumental version: Forgotten Love #2.

    Forgotten Love
  • One of my loves always gets me in trouble. Irish Folk Rock with a traditional feel. Instrumental version: Forever Black #2.

    Forever Black
  • An aggressive Irish Folk Rock serving with a traditional false beginning and slide solo. Instrumental version: Fire This Engine Up #2.

    Fire This Engine Up
  • Lo-fi tongue in cheek groove with digital samples creating a polyrhythm Dance tune. Very silly satirical vocal approach. Instrumental version: Fink Fank Fonk #2.

    Fink Fank Fonk
  • A soul groove Rock anthem. Street jive.  Instrumental version: Fearless #2.

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