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  • This modern Indie Rock poses one of THE BIG questions. Instrumental version: Whatz It All About #2.

    Whatz It All About
  • 90s road trip Rock Pop. Alternate version: My Mind (Alt Female).

    My Mind
  • Alternate version of: My Mind. 90s road trip Rock Pop (with female lead vocal.)

    My Mind (Alt Female)
  • A husband gets out of prison, meets his partner at their favourite bar and drives south to Mexico. Pulsing Rock beat with crowd effects at the beginning and a funny middle. Instrumental version: Texan Thugs and Rock N' Roll #2. Alternate mix version: Texan Thugs and Rock N' Roll (Mad Flavours Mix).

    Texan Thugs and Rock N' Roll
  • A profound reflection on the effects of war. The lyrics are a heavy and serious reflection of the subject matter.

    Mother's Garden
  • A tribute to Memphis and Elvis Presley. Pulsing Dance Pop with soft middle break. Instrumental version: The Big South #2.

    The Big South
  • A mid-tempo MOR 90s Pop song with a softer side. Instrumental version: Without Me #2.

    Without Me
  • Alternate version of the original: Starrs. A song about hope, loss, and love. A relaxed, beat-less, vocal-spotlight version. Melody has more impact with less rhythm section. More time to reflect on lyrics.

    Starrs (Ambient Vocal Mix)
  • Being in Love. Acoustic guitar with hypnotic inflection and synthesizer landscape. Memorable melody. Instrumental version: My Beautiful One #2.

    My Beautiful One
  • Kinky leather sex, bondage and S&M. Strong pulsing Techno/Rock groove with repeating motifs. Instrumental version: Amazing Grace #2.

    Amazing Grace
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