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  • Standing in front of a mirror and being honest with yourself. Starts with vocal and light guitar strumming that migrates to a slow Funk with Caribbean overtones. Instrumental version: Honest #2.

  • A lonely ballad with emotional lyrics over an electric piano and a slight string pad.

    Hit Me
  • Punk surf with chanting refrain. Very strong uptempo melody emulating a spaghetti Western surf dance party. Funny sound effects in bridge. Lots of fun.

    Hey Chiwawa
  • A funny and sarcastic song about of a dating app gone wrong! Big Rock guitar chords. Tongue in cheek lyrics suit a Rock musical play with over the top grandeur. Instrumental version: Here Comes My Man #2.

    Here Comes My Man
  • 90s fun boogie.

  • Being healed by the truth. Strong beat with a UK Club feel. Digital sequencing with a strong melody and dynamics. Instrumental version: Healing Hands #2.

    Healing Hands
  • Relaxed Americana Indie Blues.

    Good Look At Life
  • Futuristic soul groove. Half a billion miles from home. Instrumental version: Girl From Ganemede #2.

    Girl From Ganemede
  • A video edit version of the original: Get Out of My House. Uptempo dance groove with good solid chanting chorus. No bones aggressive. A more condensed version of the original version.

    Get Out of My House (Video Edit)
  • A remixed version of the original: Get Out of my House. A song about a volatile, on-again, off-again relationship. Dance groove with good solid chanting chorus and melody. Urgently aggressive. Remix played with half time beat. 

    Get Out of my House (Mike Glasier Remix)
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