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  • Lovely piano beginning leading into a rock story about a runaway. Nice chorus and electric guitar solo.

    Runaway Child
  • The human spirit of survival and not giving up against the odds. The slow piano chord changes to a medium tempo Funk groove with synth strings. Synth solo compliments the Funk element. Instrumental version: Running #2.

  • Acting like an a-hole. Bass and synth driven motif over strong medium Dance beat. Instrumental version: S.O.B. #2.

  • Looking back at a relationship and questioning: "Was it worth it?" Synth's opening riff transforms into a punchy Dance beat with heavy overtones in the chorus. Lyrics force you to be introspective. Instrumental version: Sacrifice #2.

  • Time the time. Do it right. A ballad with melodic lyrics. Melancholic and reflective.

  • A funky comical Dance tune.

    She Reminds Me Of You
  • This uptempo Country Rock song reminds us of what we all need.

  • A mid-tempo classic 80s Rock production about the loss of the girl with a fiery guitar solo. Classic angst.

  • A short, slow ambient piece with filtered vocals and synth singing ‘ooh’.

    Silent Singing Soul
  • Sister Love
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