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  • A song about Millenials and drugs plus an homage to The Tubes song: 'White Punks on Dope?'. Syncopated pulsing Dance/Funk tune. Very busy with words and sounds making up an interesting polyrhythm. Instrumental version: White Kids on Funkk #2.

    White Kids on Funkk
  • Mid-tempo 90s Rock. It's like going home. Instrumental version: Ambition #2.

  • Melancholic reflective soul groove.

    All Over Again
  • Calypso rhythm and floating jazz chords support a lovely vocal track about spiritual awareness.

    Live in the Now
  • Love in the 1940s. Waltz with a Celtic feel. Lightly dancing with floating imagery.

    Dancing on a Cloud
  • Light rockabilly shuffle about chasing that has caught your eye. Instrumental version: You Don't Know #2.

    (I'd Say) You Don't Know
  • Starting and ending with wind effects and a keyboard motif. Dreamy sad vocals over an acoustic piano.

    The Dead of Winter
  • Nice gentle melody with thoughtful reflective lyrics. Easy Listening track with a medium tempo and small combo.

    If I
  • A soft steamy ballad.

    Take My Breath Away
  • A traditional and reflective soft-rock ballad. Instrumental version: True Are The Times #2.

    True Are The Times
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