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  • Sonnet with solo vocals and an acoustic piano.

    Once Yer Gone
  • Acoustic-based shuffle with a nice dark feel at the beginning. Whisper singing slowly builds up power using guitar and harmonica stylings.

    One and Only Lover
  • A traditional Folk ballad.

    Pale Blue Sky
  • Bluesy Swing beat with tongue in cheek lyrics about being a naughty angel.

    Part Time Angel
  • A relaxing Country-flavoured beach song. Instrumental version: Pass It On #2.

    Pass It On
  • A Gospel style waltz reflecting on the search for inner peace.  Instrumental version: Peace #2.

  • The final words of a divorce. Go to Hell. Dance Rock motif with moody groove and alternating dynamics. Instrumental version: Peace of Mind #2.

    Peace of Mind
  • 70s pop rock Instrumental version: Perception #2.

  • Having desperate sex. Fast aggressive dance floor material. Rock with funny lyrics and a strong chorus. Listener discretion is advised. Instrumental version: Please Have Sex With Me #2.

    Please Have Sex With Me
  • A straight-up 70s-80s rocker. Alternate Version: Poison Touch (Alt).

    Poison Touch
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