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  • Boxing match between a man and himself. Final fight of the night. Medium tempo Dance with synthetic horns, breaks and guitar passages. Instrumental version: Poor Man's Fight #2.

    Poor Man's Fight
  • A man wakes up one morning and realizes the love of his life has left him. He begins to turn into a zombie. Syncopated pulse with Electronica and middle break. Instrumental version: Zombie #2.  Alternate mix version: Zombie (Son!x Mix).

  • A tribute to Memphis and Elvis Presley. Pulsing Dance Pop with soft middle break. Instrumental version: The Big South #2.

    The Big South
  • A husband gets out of prison, meets his partner at their favourite bar and drives south to Mexico. Pulsing Rock beat with crowd effects at the beginning and a funny middle. Instrumental version: Texan Thugs and Rock N' Roll #2. Alternate mix version: Texan Thugs and Rock N' Roll (Mad Flavours Mix).

    Texan Thugs and Rock N' Roll
  • About fighting Cancer or other life-threatening illnesses. Aggressive pulsing Pop Rock with a soft break in the middle. Instrumental version: Alive and Electric #2.

    Alive and Electric
  • When People say and do stupid things, you give the middle finger. Aggressive pulsing beat with breaks and variation. Instrumental version: Middle Finger #2.

    Middle Finger
  • Party time with this dance-able Funk Rock tune. Instrumental version: Life's A Funky Ceili #2.

    Life's A Funky Ceili
  • A song about crossing the line. Reggae flavour with horn section and sax solo. Instrumental version: Molly's Kitchen #2.

    Molly's Kitchen
  • Hard Irish Folk Rock storytelling. Instrumental version: Rocky Road to Dublin #2.

    Rocky Road to Dublin
  • A sad slow piece with Irish overtones. Instrumental version: So Far Away #2.

    So Far Away
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