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  • A straight-up 70s-80s rocker. Alternate Version: Poison Touch (Alt).

    Poison Touch
  • 90s radio-friendly straight up Rock. Alternate version: Inside Outside (Alt Female).

    Inside Outside
  • Alternate version of the original: Inside Outside. 90s radio-friendly straight up rock with alternate female vocalist.

    Inside Outside (Alt Female)
  • This good old country shuffle explains the possibilities of Valentine's Day through every season.

    Be My Valentine
  • Ambient chanting start transforming into a whisper chant motif over a mid tempo beat. Instrumental version: Take Me to the Other Side #2. Shorter instrumental version: Take Me to the Other Side (short).

    Take Me to the Other Side
  • A punchy tongue-in-cheek dance MOR 80s Rock. Instrumental version: The Weather Is Here #2.

    The Weather Is Here (Wish You were Fine)
  • Brit Pop Rock. In dreams all is possible. Instrumental version: Dreams #2.

  • An effect-led acoustic guitar and single dreamy vocal. Illustrative lyrics depicting a sentimental mood.

  • A video edit version of the original: Get Out of My House. Uptempo dance groove with good solid chanting chorus. No bones aggressive. A more condensed version of the original version.

    Get Out of My House (Video Edit)
  • Lucky in love! A 70s-style ballad.

    I Can't Believe
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