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  • Midwest uptempo rocker. Instrumental version: I Can't Lie #2.

    I Can't Lie
  • A 70s-80s guitar rocker. The title sums it up.

    I Don't Belong To You
  • A soft acoustic waltzy ballad. Instrumental version: I Forgot #2.

    I Forgot
  • A short funny children's song accompanied by an electric guitar.

    I Know a Boy
  • This 80s Guitar Rock anthem revolts against being told what to do.

    I Wanna Want To
  • An 80s power ballad with 12 string acoustic and organ. The full band joins in on second verse. The song goes double-time midway.

    I'm Through With You
  • Traditional Blues Rock featuring crazy harmonica. Instrumental version: I've Got Time #2.

    I've Got Time
  • A harmonica-led bluesy dark Rock tune.

    I've Seen Dreams
  • Nice gentle melody with thoughtful reflective lyrics. Easy Listening track with a medium tempo and small combo.

    If I
  • This 70s mid-tempo relaxing Pop love song sends you on vacation somewhere. Instrumental version: In My Mind #2. Alternate version: In My Mind (Alt).

    In My Mind
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