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  • Vietnamese folk song about a young man who imagines a golden wedding carriage being harnessed to a majestic black horse that will carry him and his bride to their wedding chamber, but all this, only if she would marry him.

    Song of the Black Horse (Ly Ngua O)
  • A profound look at human family love, hate, conflicted emotion, happiness and disappointment, but mostly love.  The lyrics are a struggle of opposites.

    Born (Father Mother Daughter Son)
  • A profound reflection on the effects of war. The lyrics are a heavy and serious reflection of the subject matter.

    Mother's Garden
  • A slow-tempo'd song of sadness for the loss of a loved one. The lyrics are heartfelt and intimate.

    When It Rains
  • A love song written specifically for an April wedding.  Lyrically, the song is romantic, passionate and, despite the ironic title, genuine.

    April Fools
  • A serious love song written for a wedding, but not exclusive to that use. Lyrically, the song is warm and sincere.

    Two Hearts
  • What happens when an ardent lover sees, hears or touches his/her loved one? This song, on that side of mid-tempo, has the answer. The lyrics are urgent and passionate (but clean).

    It Happens Every Time
  • Slow hypnotic chord pattern and groove softly contemplating life and death. Questions calling for answers.

    Mr Reeper
  • Uptempo Blues shuffle featuring harmonica stylings. Po' Boy lyrics giving an authentic feel. Sing-along chorus.

    Pop Bottle Picking Blues
  • Fast Northern Rock Blues shuffle as a basis for good storytelling. Roadhouse beat that is great for dancing.

    Bearcat Blues
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