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  • In your face Jazz group with sax leading the way. Alternate version: Big Mike #2.

    Big Mike's In Town
  • Dark ambient tribal mood. Alternate version: Big Noise From NOTL #2.

    Big Noise From NOTL
  • Alternate version of: Big Noise From NOTL. Dark and punchy tribal percussion with snare focal points.

    Big Noise From NOTL #2
  • Happy mid-tempo 60s Pop material.

    Bike Trip
  • Wild roadhouse electric guitar solo with punchy rhythm section.

    Bitter End Jam
  • Very uptempo and cliché surf riff with creative changes to keep up the excitement. Fun and lively at the same time.

    Bluffer's Park
  • Ambient soundtrack with low keyboard notes changing to beautiful synthetic lightness. Shortened version: Bond's Suspense To Butterflies (short).

    Bond's Suspense To Butterflies
  • A shortened version of Bond's Suspense to Butterflies.  A fade in ambient soundtrack with low keyboard notes and beautiful synthetic lightness. Fade out ending.

    Bond's Suspense To Butterflies (short)
  • Surf groove over minor chords. Early 60's go-go girl motif. Classic surf melody and nicely executed in a good recording.

    Boogie Board
  • Family fun nights or family fight nights? You decide with this ballad that could apply to both.

    Born (Father Mother Daughter Son) #2
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