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  • Instrumental version of the vocal song: Alive and Electric. Retro video game style.

    Alive and Electric (Kernel Mix) #2
  • Slow, relaxing and enjoying life with just a harmonica and a guitar.

  • A 60's British invasion feel with electric 12-string and Merseyside backbeat over minor chords. A groundbreaking groove to the Pop scene at the time.

    Ain't Gunna Crash
  • Progressive Hard Rock with alternating heavy and smooth passages.

  • Flute and percussion mix it up to bring forth mystery and discovery.

    African Snake
  • An uptempo joyous Middle East dance using many traditional instruments and percussion with a dead stop. It could be a party, a celebration, a wedding or just playing for fun. Traditional Afghan instruments and melodies combined for a fun frolic from the Middle East. A great track if your project calls for a Middle Eastern flavor. Varied mixes with and without flute. World Music, Mid-East World fusion

    Afghan Affair
  • Punchy groove with trumpet hook-line.

    Adventures Of Space
  • A Techno groove for your satisfaction.

    Acid Test
  • From not feeling very confident to liking one's self. Soft melody on acoustic guitar for a contemplative scene. Classical chord changes intertwined with modern melody lines. Very nice hybrid of old and new.

  • Medium tempo Progressive Rock. Can you hear it in the distance?

    A Whisper To The Thunder
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