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  • The acoustic piano motif gets larger and darker with each layer of instruments and background air.

    Retrospective Conquest
  • Progressive Hard Rock with atmospheric beginning and verses. Power choruses ensue. 

    Docking With Jesus
  • Progressive Rock featuring an electric 12 string.

    Great Eastern Sun
  • Heavy Metal stomp and smash anthem with a dead end. 'Elegant' is loosely defined in this instance.

    The Elegant Universe
  • Instrumental version of the vocal song: Something That I Said. Digital loops and bass riff into a hard thumping beat. Clavinet adds to the syncopated funk element. Includes a count-down vocal in the intro.

    Something That I Said #2
  • Instrumental version of the vocal song: Healing Hands. Digital sequencing with a strong melody and dynamics. Big crunchy guitar interspersed throughout. 

    Healing Hands #2
  •  Slow tempo-ed melancholic reflection.

    Lonesome Traveller
  • This unsettling track features a slow futuristic beat, sound bites, and an intro monologue. Give way to the machine.

    Comfort Zone
  • After a soft intro, this mid-tempo Easy Listening track soothes and inspires.

    Everything Is Going To Be OK
  • Progressive Hard Rock with great dynamics.

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