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  • Intro synth pad leading into a soundtrack of strings, organ and synth effects finishing in a soft manner.

    Orchestral Deliverance
  • 80s synth over techno beat and super-textured guitars.

  • Progressive Hard Rock with alternating heavy and smooth passages.

  • A small rhythm section backing a sax melody setting a pleasant mood as the evening winds down and everything's alright.

    Today and Always
  • Slow-dance ballad with guitar leads. Brief double-time feel midway. All in all, a power ballad wannabe.

    Storm Clouds
  • Dramatic Eastern score led by an electric guitar with heavy effects. ‘Hey hey hey’ vocalizations prior to midway. The last third of the track transforms into a crazy violin dramatic Eastern score.

    India Mix
  • Instrumental version of the vocal song: Stereo Orthophonic High Fidelity Victrolis. Techno Dance groove with aggressive electronic percussion and sonic loops.

    Stereo Orthophonic High Fidelity Victrolis #2
  • Soft Rhodes Piano sets the mood for this floating composition with a slow-building orchestra and a fade at the end.

    A Taste Of Summer
  • HMF

    Heavy Progressive Metal until the 5:16 mark.  After that, silence until the 8:39 mark, where a classic sci-fi, ethereal canvas is presented.

  • A mid-tempo pulsing beat with ethereal keyboard layers and interspersed distorted bass solos.

    Dancing Tunnel of Light
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