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  • Lazy acoustic guitars serving up gentle and delicate sensations.

    Apple Pie
  • Fast-strumming solo acoustic guitar in a bluegrass-ish vein.

    Appalachia Mt Real
  • Are you ready???  A delightful groove over electric piano soundscape.

    Anticipating Something Big
  • 80’s textures and samples meet a 90s anthem with electric guitars hovering above.

    Another Day
  • Upbeat positive tune with melodic electric guitar and keyboard motifs. Finishes with a dead stop.

  • Slow and soft Progressive Rock with melodic passages.

  • Instrumental version of the vocal song: Ambition. Mid-tempo 90s Rock.

    Ambition #2
  • An open airy soundscape with floating cello, electric guitar and piano.

    Ambient Wonder
  • Instrumental version of the vocal song: Amazing Grace. Strong pulsing Techno Rock groove with repeating motifs.

    Amazing Grace #2
  • Soft melody on acoustic guitar for a contemplative scene. Classical chord changes intertwined with modern melody lines. Very nice hybrid of old and new.

    Alpha Raga
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