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  • Old-school electronica intro morphing into a serious pulsing beat with swing-straight feel and sharp ending. Shorter version: Trippy Deep Groove (short).

    Trippy Deep Groove
  • Plucked lick with an aggressive tempo and playing. A Dance party has started and everyone's welcome.

    Trippin' Sick
  • An instrumental MOR Pop song.

    Trick Of The Trade
  • Suspense filled motif with changing intensity.

    Trail of Clues
  • An evening at the Jazz club with this smooth Jazz quartet and sax.

    Torchlight Jazz
  • A shortened instrumental version of the vocal song: Too Many Zeros. Classic 70s-80s Blues-Rock with vocalizations still present.

    Too Many Zeros #2
  • Instrumental version of the vocal song: Too Late for Love. Radio friendly 80s-90s MOR Rock.

    Too Late For Love #2
  • A small rhythm section backing a sax melody setting a pleasant mood as the evening winds down and everything's alright.

    Today and Always
  • Melancholic dramatic film score with various passages.

  • This is how you feel when you've had way too much to drink. A comical musical rendition of a stumbling drunk. The instruments play wrong notes and there's an uneasy queasiness - the kind you hear when your head is spinning. Might also be used for a funny dream sequence or circus-like parody.  comedy, novelty songs

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