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  • Instrumental version of the vocal song: Get Out of my House. Uptempo Dance groove. No bones aggressive.

    Get Out of my House #2
  • Instrumental version of the vocal song: Fink Fank Fonk. Lo-fi tongue in cheek disco groove with digital samples creating a poly-rhythm groove.

    Fink Fank Fonk #2
  • It's almost a sing-along. Harmonica, acoustic guitar, upright bass and percussion present this infectious foot-tapper. 

    Chakra #5
  • A soft Italian band track with accordion and organ.

    Friday At Cuvee
  • Instrumental version of the vocal song: We Can Be Mountains. Light strumming right into a heavy synth Dance beat. Techno tricks throughout.

    We Can Be Mountains #2
  • Instrumental version of the vocal song: Cool Cool Mondo. Grunge with Eastern overtones.

    Cool Cool Mondo #2
  • Energetic trip hop with percussive engagements. Good high-energy background essential.

  • Dance track with acoustic guitar motifs.

    A Day In The Wife
  • Loop-able light walking Dance beat with a violin lead.

    Room Service
  • Loop-able (evidently) House with some vocalizations and horn stings.

    I Like It I Loop It
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