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  • Flowing orchestral landscape with harp flurries.

    Beyond the Rainbow View
  • Soundtrack with suspenseful beginning into a light percussive groove.

    Beverly Hills Caper
  • Progressive 80s fusion. Cool, refreshing and, maybe, a little tongue-in-cheek. 

    Benson Farth
  • Instrumental version of the vocal song: Belmonte. A Progressive Metal song that is at times angry, at times motivational.

    Belmonte #2
  • Transitional rhythm section with primal beat.

    Beginning of Life (Groove Version)
  • Percussive beginning setting up a pulsing serenade of synth, strings and flutes.

    Before I Go
  • Soft piano melody accompanied by a stand-up bass.

  • An extensive emotive solo piano landscape ode.

    Beautiful Rain
  • Then let’s do lunch. (With a side of easy Salsa with clarinet.)

    Beautiful Day
  • A loop-able tremolo guitar strut. 

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