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  • Repeating digital spits over a restless soundscape. Keyboard tones with a sense of dark urgency to a complete stop.

    The Shadows
  • Oldies 50’s Rock n’ Roll featuring solo breaks by various instruments.

    The Shaw Shuffle
  • Parlour piano taking you for a ride.

    The Slip
  • A musical soundscape created with synthetic chords and spacial overtones. Alternate version: The Universe 2.

    The Universe
  • Instrumental version of the song: The Universe. Filtered notes and drones floating in the air.

    The Universe 2
  • Slow orchestrated beat with long note string melodies.

    The Watcher
  • Instrumental version of the vocal song: The Weather is Here (Wish You Were Fine). Punchy dance MOR 80s Rock.

    The Weather Is Here #2
  • Slow soulful atmosphere with a guitar hook line.

    Things That I Remember
  • An ambient soundtrack fully described in its title.

    Think Nature/Think Zen
  • A tender mid-tempo beat with slow and gentle guitar and synth.

    Thoughtful Epiphanies
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