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  • Traditional full Jazz orchestra laying it down at high speed.

    Pete's Donuts
  • Instrumental version of the vocal song: The Big South. Pulsing Dance Pop with a soft middle break.

    The Big South #2
  • Time for some swagger. A trippy funk drum groove with bass pulse and melodic old-school synth lines. Shortened version: Funky O LAY back (short).

    Funky O LAY back
  • Old-school electronica intro morphing into a serious pulsing beat with swing-straight feel and sharp ending. Shorter version: Trippy Deep Groove (short).

    Trippy Deep Groove
  • Instrumental version of the vocal song: Love and Let Die. Poly-rhythm Dance groove with organ foundation.

    Love & Let Die #2
  • Large orchestral beginning with a vocal in the background turning into a world beat Funk groove and synth lead. A dreamy and warm composition with an alluring, beautiful rhythm, funky bass and lush vocal pads to create a hip and modern atmosphere. R&B meets new-age electronic chill, great for new romance, urban-flavor commercial, music bed, midnight club scenes. Rich lush sensual glamorous & sophisticated.

    The Dream
  • For times of gritty and humble sacrifice. Fast sequencing into a strong hard rock mighty anthem with synth melodies and occasional screams. Power throughout the song.

    A Hero Dies Alone
  • Funky Acid Jazz with trumpet and organ hooks brandishing in mid-tempo fashion.

    Jazzy Moods
  • Transitional rhythm section with primal beat.

    Beginning of Life (Groove Version)
  • Instrumental version of the vocal song: Fearless. Soul groove rock.

    Fearless #2
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