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  • A tense hypnotic and ambient soundtrack. Percussion laying down the foundation.

    You Talkin To Me?
  • A quick 70s-80s rock motif.

    Guitar Surgery
  • Angry guitar over hypnotic beat.

    Beat Space Nine
  • Traditional spy music. Very tongue-in-cheek. ‘Nuff said. Tremolo guitars, horns and all.

    Spy Vs Spy
  • Typical urban beat lays the foundation for the trumpet melody.

    On The Big Bad Beat
  • Watch out! They’re coming after you. Percussion with a lead guitar melody.

    Latin Surf Western
  • Orchestral beginning with percussive bangs. Unsettling.

    Curtains Open
  • No stopping this imminent visit.

    Hell Train
  • Big Guitar steals the spotlight on this mild dig.

    Lectric Blues
  • Mad

    This mid-tempo track starts to menace from the get-go. Then the electric guitar makes it mad.

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