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  • Large orchestral beginning with a vocal in the background turning into a world beat Funk groove and synth lead. A dreamy and warm composition with an alluring, beautiful rhythm, funky bass and lush vocal pads to create a hip and modern atmosphere. R&B meets new-age electronic chill, great for new romance, urban-flavor commercial, music bed, midnight club scenes. Rich lush sensual glamorous & sophisticated.

    The Dream
  • Orchestra setting from the start with a slow flute melody. A floating piece with almost no tempo and a light fade.

    The Dream
  • Heavy Metal stomp and smash anthem with a dead end. 'Elegant' is loosely defined in this instance.

    The Elegant Universe
  • Swishy opening to a modern pulsing airy Rock groove.

    The Fashionable Good Life
  • Grunge guitars blend with an overall happy medium groove.

    The Grand Climb
  • A loop-able upbeat dance motif with optimistic light melody.

    The Grotto
  • The guitar pattern off the top turns into a thick rock groove taking you for a ride with a solo at the end and a dead stop.

    The Hard Way
  • Instrumental version of the vocal song: The Hat.  80s-90s indie powerpop rock.

    The Hat #2
  • Slow strolling Reggae with full band.

    The Heart Of The Island Tourist
  • This lovely ballad brings us back to the time of Ellis Island and the flood of European immigrants during the first half of the 20th century. A perfect musical companion for describing how new-arrivals must have felt when they finally made it to America with one foot still in 'the old country'. European, Ireland

    The Immigrants
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