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  • Cool Jazz featuring a saxophone and clarinet leads. Typewriter effects can heard halfway through.

    All the Fine Lines
  • A menacing orchestral soundtrack building in intensity.

    Killer Score
  • 70s sleazy beat with sax.

    Slick Rick
  • Up tempo Country picking guitar with rhythm section.

    Sin City Stomp
  • Fast-strumming solo acoustic guitar in a bluegrass-ish vein.

    Appalachia Mt Real
  • 80s synth over techno beat and super-textured guitars.

  • Heavy bonkers. Quick, super fast paced crazy cartoon setting of heavy guitar, drums, bass and sound effects.

    Manic Mouse
  • Enchanted swirling orchestra.

    The Castle
  • Something nasty this way comes. Tension-raising orchestral soundtrack.

    Dark Haze
  • Angry slide guitar over a driving rock beat with overtones of mystery. Middle break has percussion solo.

    Slide X
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