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  • Instrumental version of the vocal song: The Big South. Pulsing Dance Pop with a soft middle break.

    The Big South #2
  • Instrumental version of the vocal song: The Boys of Corktown. Aggressive Irish Folk Hard Rock with a dead stop ending.

    The Boys of Corktown #2
  • Easy Listening light Reggae with simple lead guitar. We can’t explain it better than the title.

    The Carefree Island
  • Enchanted swirling orchestra.

    The Castle
  • The innocent side of the 60s depicted by a pleasant country guitar melody.

    The Clampett Mansion
  • Instrumental version of the vocal song: The Coldest Night of the Year. Ambient start to a lonely ballad. Medium tempo groove. Great image of loneliness.

    The Coldest Night of the Year #2
  • Dramatic march with double guitar motif.

    The Court Dancer
  • Instrumental version of The Daily Grind. Acoustic guitar featuring nice chords along with vocal background turning before a classic British rock bridge and returning to the theme.

    The Daily Grind #2
  • Adventure or immanent romance? String section floating across minor chords with added piano melody to a very slow swell.

    The Deep
  • Film soundtrack with an old retro classical approach involving a slight comical waltz. Very light feel. A dark and mischievous orchestral waltz that also has a comical element that suggests a bit of fun. Great for Halloween, dancing ghosts, a comedic underscore for a scary kids story or a funhouse theme. House of horrors meets a circus clown. Can also be a legitimate ballroom dance number. Dramatic, Magical Music

    The Devil's Waltz
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