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  • Modern urban Jazz number spearheaded by the trumpet.

  • A condensed instrumental version of the vocal song: Without Me. This version is sped up with a skipping sidestick beat.

    Without Me #2
  • Instrumental version of the vocal song: Perception. 70S mid-tempo pop rock.

    Perception #2
  • Traditional full Jazz orchestra laying it down at high speed.

    Pete's Donuts
  • 90s industrial-esque anger unleashed by way of drums, guitar, bass and vocalizations.

    I'm Still Mad At You
  • A quick aggressive 80s motif. Very sports oriented.

    Bad Year
  •  A short orchestral soundtrack setting up a mysterious mood.

    Murder Credits
  • 80s techno walking beat. Don't let the sonics fool you. It means business!

    Urban Commuter
  • Gospel-laced number with organ,guitar and rhythm section.

  • The night is just beginning and it’s going to be a hard one. Moody and brooding synth pads pave the way.

    Portrait Of A Rainy Night
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