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  • Instrumental version of the vocal song: Code Blue. 60s Pop psychedelia.

    Code Blue #2
  • Uptempo synth strut with Acid Jazz soundscape.

    City Car Chase
  • Punchy groove with trumpet hook-line.

    Adventures Of Space
  • When the conductor gets revenge! Slow steady bass drum and synthetic pulse with synth orchestral melody lines.

    Brooding Orchestra E Groove
  • Somber piano over military style brass and fife orchestra growing large and majestic finishing with a soft ending. A musical elegy to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. Melancholic yet optimistic, this orchestral track is positive and uplifting with a perfect musical arch that builds right up to the calm and resolved ending. This track could also be a thematic underscore for a remembrance. Warm and fuzzy. dramatic, calm mellow music

    Lost Heros
  • Uptempo Metal. When the scientists decide to let loose!

  • Instrumental version of the vocal song: Jimi Hendrix. Funky wah-wah beat with elctronic affected drums. Light and heavy parts.

    Jimi Hendrix #2
  • Something’s brewing... A slow industrial drum groove with organ pad. Alternate version: Low Beat Train Alt.

    Low Beat Train Tinkle Tink
  • Vigorous classical feel starts the journey with stops and starts, crescendos, rest and more journey that takes the listener through multiple emotions. A full orchestra with a large dynamic ending. A full orchestral heroic theme with a forward-moving rhythm and memorable melody similar to a John Williams science fiction score. Perfect for a military charge or American West theme.  Elegant stately regal orchestral and energizing music. 

    Ride to Glory
  • Caribbean percussive groove with a low airy droning bass that gets slightly hypnotic.

    Coconut Groove
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