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  • Uptempo modern-day Western track with half-time feel breaks.

    Two Slides (To Every Story)
  • A speedy version of 2 Step Piano. Cowboy saloon simple piano ensemble.

    2 Step Piano Fast
  • A Cowboy saloon simple piano ensemble. Faster version: 2 Step Piano Fast.

    2 Step Piano
  • A short uptempo pop rock band track with acoustic guitar leads.

  • Early British Techno or New Wave. Different era but the sentiments remain the same.

    Surf's In
  • Early British Techno or New Wave and includes wave sound effects.

    Surf's Out
  • Progressive 80s fusion. Cool, refreshing and, maybe, a little tongue-in-cheek. 

    Benson Farth
  • Just as the title suggests. Spotlight on the classical guitar and flute.

    Mellow Jazz
  • 80s love on the dance floor pop material.

    Coming Home Again
  • Contrary to the title, this generally-happy tune uses guitars, organ and a rhythm section.

    Waiting For The Sky To Fall
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