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  • Instrumental version of the vocal song: Ascension. Ambient synth beginning into a slow mechanical groove. Very dark, heavy  and intense.

    Ascension #2
  • Strong uptempo minor key groove to support a strong lead guitar melody. Low notes emulating a baritone guitar. Future Surf.

    Astro Bot
  • Uptempo Metal. When the scientists decide to let loose!

  • Progressive Funk Rock with various time signatures.

  • Let that inner Cowgirl or Cowboy loose with Southern boogie band song.

    Austin Shuffle
  • This solo acoustic guitar does conjure up warm vision of apple picking and other joyful activities of the Fall season.

    Autumn and Incense
  • Instrumental version of the vocal song: Average Life Span. Fast aggressive pulse with instrumental break.

    Average Life Span #2
  • Soundtrack with terrifying start, rising and falling. Shortened version: Awakening (short).

  • Shortened version of Awakening. Soundtrack with a terrifying start, rising and falling.

    Awakening (short)
  • Uptempo big brass show band playing jazz swing and featuring trombone and trumpet solos. A modern Big Band Jazz track that swings with a hard-hitting melody and rhythm featuring a trombone, trumpet, and two tenor sax solos. Great for a jazzy underscore or a movie scene with a big band. Could also be a theme song for a hip, jazzy open. Jazz, Swing Big Band

    Back Fo Mo
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