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  • Upbeat and energetic surf groove. Moving fast with a powerful melody keeping the tension up.

    Crazy Mouse
  • This lovely ballad brings us back to the time of Ellis Island and the flood of European immigrants during the first half of the 20th century. A perfect musical companion for describing how new-arrivals must have felt when they finally made it to America with one foot still in 'the old country'. European, Ireland

    The Immigrants
  • Atmospheric and colorful, this track is perfect as a corporate music bed or a cue for traveling, transition, college or trendy commercial. Wide open yet focused with a generic quality that will fit just about anywhere. Corporate, Corp. New Age Electronic

    Looking Forward
  • Reminiscent of the early James Bond soundtracks. Smooth music and orchestration fit perfectly with a tuxedo, martini, high-rollers, and espionage. Arranged to fit into a 60-second commercial spot, but can also be used for internet or game music. A great track for a comedic secret agent spoof.

    License to Kill
  • Old school bluesy/jazzy tune that takes you back to the days of the Jazz club with a Hammond B3 organ and Leslie speaker cabinet on the stage. An added mellow clarinet section creates the Harlem sound from the 1930s. Great for an underscore that calls for an African-American blues or Jazz feel. Jazz, Cabaret

    Last Call
  • Just like the 'Men in Black', the Kids in Black need their own theme song too. Perfect theme for the young agents who keep the aliens in line. Fun sneaky beats also have a campy 'alien-sci-fi' flavor. Kids comedy cartoon animation, a Junior Get Smart. 60s ray guns, investigations, kids snooping. Children's

    Kids in Black
  • A fun, good-time romp through the Caribbean Islands. Steel drums and lots of island percussion make this a perfect track for this genre or a party atmosphere. Sun, fun and Pena Coladas abound. Tropical, Calypso

    Island Hop
  • Remember the days of summer when you first heard the music of the ice cream truck? You'd run in and ask Mom for money and rush out to buy ice cream. This song tells that story with the truck's music-box and woodwinds. It's Mozart meets Mr. Softee. Sunny sweet innocent. Children's summertime fun. 

    Ice Cream Truck
  • Asian modality and rhythm offer many fun ingredients, like spicy soup. Bouncy energetic, Boy meets Girl, East meets West in an Asian or ethnic atmosphere. Sweet yet sour - spicy yet mild. Oriental sounds and colors. Great commercial underscore for Asian cooking show, sitcom, romcom, travel. Chinese, Chinese New Age

    Hot & Sour Soup
  • A musical rendition of kids playing hopscotch. You can see them throwing the rock and hopping through the squares drawn on the sidewalk. Great for a visual with kids playing, game show music or theme, commercial spot, bug music, cartoon music, opening theme or radio commercial background. Children's

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